Shree Ganesh Yagya

9/2 until 9/6.
Visarjan of Lord Ganesh: 9/7
Officiating: Pt. Bimal Maharaj

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Shiv Ratan Youth Group

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Dates to Remember for 2014

Ganesh Yagna: Tues 2nd - Sat 6th
Pitri Paksh: Tues 9th - Tues 23rd
Navraatri: Wed 24th - Oct Thurs 2nd

Pitri Paksha – Guidelines, Benefits, and Significance
By: Pandit Telluckram Maharaj

havan-2When…..This is the dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Ashwin (September/October). It is a period of about 14 days following the 11 day Lord Ganesh festival and immediately before the Navratri festival.

What…During this time Hindus formally remember, honor and pray for the departed ancestors. These ceremonies are also referred to as Shraadha, (faith), and tarpan (satisfaction of the ancestor).

Why….The individual has a responsibility of fulfilling his obligations to (i) devatas (ii) rishis (iii) pitris (iv) humans and (v) animals. These are called the Pancha Maha Yagyas or the 5 great responsibilities of a person. Of these, Pitri yagya is considered very important as the ancestors were the visible Gods that directly influenced our lives.

Who… Generally the responsibility of performing the shraadha ceremonies in the name of the departed ancestors fall on the eldest son of the family. In the absence of a son, a grandson, a nephew, a wife or a husband can make the offerings. In the absence of these, a student or the family priest can do the ceremonies on behalf of a departed person. Traditionally male heirs of the family assume this responsibility.

How…The person performing the shraadha follows strict spiritual discipline, such as fasting and prayer, etc., during this time. The Lunar day (tithi) in which the ancestor passed away is reserved as the main day of the shraadha but the read more

Navraatri Yagya: 9/24 – 10/3

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maa-durga-ashtami-wallpaper788We invite the entire community to attend our Navraatri Yagya.

Dates: Wednesday September 24th until Friday October 3rd
Time: 7pm until 9pm
Location: Shiva Mandir

More information coming soon.

Raffle Ticket Winning Numbers

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1st Prize: 1963 – Nari

2nd Prize: 1786 – Jagdish

3rd Prize: 3957 – Vishal Maharaj